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“Under the Wrong Spout”

“Under the Wrong Spout”Psa 34:8  O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.
1Pe 2:3If so be ye have tasted that the Lord is gracious.
I normally try to stay on track with the chapter that I start in, but this morning I preached in chapel at Hope Christian Academy on “Taste and See”.  This truth has gripped me and won’t let me go…so here we go.
Growing up in a christian home, a good Bible-believing church, and getting my education from a christian school; I encountered a lot of christians.  I met a lot of christians who try to blame God for any bad thing that happened in their life.  One thing that I have realized is that God gets blamed a lot for things that are self-inflicted.  People make bad decisions and as a result, a bad happens to them.  They blame everyone else, including God, and fail to realize that they caused their own grief and fail to realize that God loves them.
What happens to them is that they take their “cup” and put it under a bitter source that fills their cup up.  Then they drink it and get a bitter taste in their mouth and think that God did that to them.  These two verses at the top tell us that God is the source of goodness and grace.  Grace is getting something that is good that I do not deserve.  God gives us good things and grace constantly.  I have met christians who go through tragedy and hardship and have the Joy of the Lord.  Why is that?  It is because they keep their cup under God’s source and He fills their cup full of goodness and grace.  I don’t know about you, but I am tired of God getting lied about by the bitter christians.  They blame God for things that He never did.  So what can I do about it?  I am glad that you asked!  Look below to see what you and I can do.Bro. CW’s challenge for today:Show others that God is good, by being a good representative for Him.  When bad happens to you, react right and do what Jesus would do if He were in your shoes.  Remember, God is good, but you have to taste it.  Help others go to the good source
Prayer ListOUR TEENS!!!!!!!
1. Pastor Ed and Mrs. Brenda
2. Kennedy Family
3. Montgomery Family
4. Martha Hanson – Leg Surgery
5. Betty Pope – Health / Gallstones
6. Brenda Smith – Surgery
7. Brenda Smith – Cancer
8. Roberts Family – Near Death
9. Michael Belcher – War Hero
10. Patricia Williams – Health / Chemo (sends praises)
11. Wheeler Family – Unspoken
12. Graham Family – New Baby-Isaiah
13. Ledger Simmons – Health
14. Mary Smith – Health & Grandson has leukemia
15. Ray Embs – Salvation – Job Court
16. Charlie Nixon – Health / Ulcer
17. Nathan Gurlie – Job Situation – Still Looking
18. Teems Family – Layoff – Finances
19. David and Angie Burrell – unspoken
20. Mack McDevitt – Job situation
21. Margaret Alley – Job situation
22. Kelli Clendenin – Unspoken
23. Josh Wheeler – Unspoken
24. Stacy Schoon – Out-Patient Surgery
25. Misti Cash – Annual MRI
26. Anna Smith – Thyroid Testing
27. Jaiden Cash – possible immune system testing
28. Jeanette Woodall-brain Tumor-testing for cancer

Reading Plan Levels

Bronze Level:    Read through Psalms and Proverbs

Silver Level:      Read through the New Testament

Gold Level:         Read through the Old Testament

Platinum Level: Read through the Bible with me.

Closing Thoughts from Bro. Kennedy 

Plan now for the

North East Georgia Tent Crusade

September 19-30

  Weekdays at 7:30 pm

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