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Mat 5:6  Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.

Are you hungry right now?  As I am writing this, it will be lunch time in about an hour.  Have you ever stopped and thought about how much our life revolves around food?  There are a lot of businesses out there dedicated to the “re-fueling” of our bodies.  In fact, most restaurants are in locations that have high traffic.  Some people like to torture themselves by cramming “healthy food” down their own throat.  Those who normally do that consistently are slender and to me sickly looking.  Ok maybe I am being mean, but if I have a choice between a tofu burger and a Big Mac; well, you know what I will pick.   Maybe you are different than me, but I like to enjoy my meals.  I like Bro. Dean McNeese’s philosophy on eating, “It is hard to kid-nap me if I am not skinny”.

Why do we eat?  Is it to sustain a constant fuel supply to our bodies so that we can function and work; or do you eat to enjoy food?  Maybe you do both.  What ever the answer will be for you, food is to fuel our physical bodies so that we can work.  Our spiritual being needs food also.  That feeding comes from the Word of God.  Let me ask you this question, How much spiritual food have you fed to your spiritual being lately?  Do you realize that it needs to eat too?  Maybe one of the reasons why some people struggle in the christian life is because their spiritual nature suffers with starvation.  I don’t know about your situation; I only know about me and when I feed my saved nature, I do the best spiritually.  I am more focused on spiritual things when I read my Bible.  Church is referred to as a lot of things.  It can also be referred to as a spiritual restaurant.  Our pastor (the chef) prepares a spiritual meal (sermon from the Word of God) given to him by the Head Chef (Jesus).  When the pastor opens the Bible, he feeds us with the Word of God.  We take up an offering in the church service to pay for the expenses of feeding them a spiritual meal (why is it that we are more ready to over-pay for a meal at a restaurant, pay tax on it, and pay a tip to the server than we are ready to give a 10% percent tithe which is a bare minimum thing that we are commanded to do).  Last Question, are you hungry?  Odds are, if your body needs multiple feedings; then your saved nature will need multiple feedings too!

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