Weekday devotionals for Christians

Different Definitions


1Ch 21:30  But David could not go before it to enquire of God: for he was afraid because of the sword of the angel of the LORD. 

Exo 18:15  And Moses said unto his father in law, Because the people come unto me to enquire of God: 

Have you ever been misunderstood by someone?  I have…many times.  Often what goes into that misunderstanding are many factors, but one of them is having a different definition of a particular word.  As our english language becomes more and more “watered-down”, our definitions change.  I have asked a lot of people if they had a good Thanksgiving and most responded with a yes.  If I would have gone further into what they did on thanksgiving, I would have probably not enjoyed someone’s version of a good Thanksgiving.  They probably would not have enjoyed my version of a good Thanksgiving.  

My point with this is to challenge you to not judge your christianity by your definition of good, but rather to judge your self by God’s definition of good.  These two verses at the top talk of others enquiring of God.  That is what we should do when it comes to us fulfilling what God wants.  Let’s not use our definition, but rather God’s definition.  Let’s enquire of God and use His definition.

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