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Politician For Your Kids

Psa 73:15 If I say, I will speak thus; behold, I should offend against the generation of thy children.
Psa 73:16 When I thought to know this, it was too painful for me;
Psa 73:17 Until I went into the sanctuary of God; then understood I their end.

I stated yesterday some facts about our national debt, here is the last part to refresh your memory:

-Let’s just say that you need to rest and eat and sleep.  I will give 8 hours a day for this.  Let’s just say that you are feeling brave and you take this task on your own, and go strong for 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 70 years non-stop, you would have to spend:

A. $596,937,575 a day…yes that is almost 600 million dollars a day!

B. $37,308,599 an hour for 16 hours.

C. $621,809 a minute

D. $10,363 a second

Are you up for a challenge?

Here is one more:

If you stop the national debt where it is and don’t create one more dollar of debt, and spend 10 million dollars a day… using the same 16 hours a day(that is 625,000 an hour), 7 days a week (no days off), it would take you…drum roll please………………..

4, 178.56 years to spend what the national debt is now.  Do you have that many years?

Now why did I go into all of that yesterday?  This is my point: our children are surrounded by people who are living for the “here and now”.  Their motivation is to do what is needed so that they can have their own time to do what they want.  Let me hit a “pause button” and say this:

I believe we have a lot of parents out their who genuinely care about their children, but have no goals or vision for them for their life.  Why do I say this?  There is a generation out there that has not passed down to the next generation, the tools that are necessary for that next generation to succeed in life.  Those tools that I am referring to are:

1. The ability to handle money properly.

2. The ability to make wise decisions that will impact their future for good.

3. The ability to decipher between right and wrong.

4. The ability to raise children that are good, upstanding, God-fearing Christians.

5.  The ability to find a job and succeed in it.

and the list goes on…………

To live for the next generation will cause most people to miss out on some of life’s pleasures for the sake of spending time with and investing into your children’s and grandchildren’s future.  It will take a lot of sacrifice on the part of the parent for the child to get the start that they will need.  It is similar to the sacrifice that our politicians will need to take to help ensure a financially and legally sound nation that will continue to be “One Nation Under God, Indivisible, with liberty and Justice for all”.  I have relatives that are in heaven that have paid a High Price in wars and peace time to ensure my freedom, only to have our politicians squander it away.

What will be said of you?  Will it be said that you tried your best to pass on to the next generation the important tools for your children to live by?  Or will you be the “politician for your kids”, by squandering their future away so that you can have a little fun?

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