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Chinese Chicken Nuggets

Psa 34:8  O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.

Psa 34:9  O fear the LORD, ye his saints: for there is no want to them that fear him.

Psa 34:10  The young lions do lack, and suffer hunger: but they that seek the LORD shall not want any good thing.


Verse 8 is one of my favorite verses in this chapter.  First of all, it involves tasting.  When I think of tasting, I think of food!  I love to eat good food!  Second, this verse talks of experiencing God’s goodness.  Third, it talks of the blessed man.  This verse has a great 3 point outline in it.

There has been several times in the past nine years of being a parent, that I tried to get the girls to taste something new.  It often is something that I am eating or have ordered.  In most cases they turned down the offer to stick with what they feel is a safer experience.  Most of the times this happens when we go out to eat at a restaurant.  Instead of trying something new with a lot of flavor, they choose instead to eat bland, tasteless chicken nuggets.  These girls have passed up on a lot of GOOD food for the “safer”experience…

or that is what they think.

Then it happened, we were at a chinese restaurant and I ordered a favorite of mine, General Tsou’s Chicken.  They looked at my food and wrinkled up their face at what I was eating.  They have seen me eat this dish several times, but not once did they try it.  So I decided to make a statement of trust to my girls.  I told them that if they tried 1 bite, I would get them a treat.  Well, you know what they said, “What kind of treat?”  After I met their demands, I got a piece of chicken on my fork and put it to their mouth.  They barely opened their mouth hoping that what little piece made it into their mouth would count as a “bite”.  I made them open their mouth and get a “big” bite, if they wanted the treat.  So they got a mouth-full.  And to their amazement, they really liked it!  Now I can’t keep them from eating my food!

I did all that to prove a point to my daughters about trusting their dad.  Little did I know that the Holy Spirit would drive that point home in my own heart.  God the Father has some wonderful things for us to try out and wonderful things for us to experience.  What stops us is our faith or lack of it in Him to give us something that we will like and benefit from.  Great conviction came to my heart that day on my lack of trust in God.  God wants you to trust Him.  He invites you to taste for yourself the goodness that He has for you.  Will you trust his “food selection?”  He really knows better than you what you will like.  You should have seen my daughters face when I told them that the General Tsou’s Chicken that they ate was really the same food that they had been eating all along…a chicken nugget.  It looked different, smelled different, and tasted different; it was just a fancy chicken nugget.  God may take what you already like and package it differently to test your faith in him.  What will your reaction be?

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