Weekday devotionals for Christians

The Beginning of Wisdom

Pro 3:7  Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil. 
Pro 3:8
  It shall be health to thy navel, and marrow to thy bones. 

     These two verses address similar topics that we have gone over, and topics that are talked about in abundance in the book of Proverbs, fear of the Lord and wisdom.
There is a contrast in verse 7 concerning the fear of the Lord.  The contrast is made between being wise in our own eyes and the fear of the Lord.  At first glance, the two topics do not seem to contradict each other, but with further study that contrast becomes apparent.  When we are wise in our own eyes, we start to believe that we do not need other important things in our life; like God, the Bible, Godly fear, Biblical Wisdom, etc.  When we can remain in much need in our eyes, we stay humble.  When we stay humble, we realize that we are greatly lacking and need help.  Proud people do not take help, unless they are forced to take it.
The fear of the Lord causes us to always consider God’s point of view and perspective in matters that we have control over.  The fear of the Lord has saved many people from heart-ache and sorrow.  We will not get arrogant like our flesh wants to get, when we have the fear of the Lord.  I also want to point something else out: God is going to do what He needs to do, whether or not I have fear of Him.  “What is my point”, you may ask?  The “wheels of God’s Will”  keep turning regardless of my decisions and therefor I might miss out on something good from God if I do not adopt His will from having Godly fear.  In closing I will say this, God has some wonderful things for you and I to receive, but one thing that will hinder us from receiving those things is our submission to His will.

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