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If It Was Up to You

Would you do it?………………………………If it was up to you?…………………Revival, that is…………would you start it or be willing to start it?
What if the only thing holding back revival in your neighborhood, your city, your state, or even your beloved country, was you starting the Revival? Would you be willing to step out and be that “spark” that ignited that Revival Fire that we have only heard about and not experienced?
So often, we as christians wait on someone other than me to see Revival happen in our communities and/or our beloved USA. But WHAT IF…….What if I was the spark that ignited the dry, brown, and nutrient starved spiritual vegetation that so easily bursts into flames. What if YOU were the one that had that “spark”? Would you do what was needed to see hundreds if not thousands of people in your community come to the saving knowledge of Jesus? What if you had that spark that would start the “domino effect” of Spiritual Revival and saw countless back-slidden christians come back to Christ?
Would you “do” it? Would you give up that “thing” if that was needed? Would you sacrifice the “thing” if it was needed? Would you start that “something” that was needed? Would you increase that “thing” in your life if it was needed? Would You? If you are reading this, you probably are experiencing one of two things right now:
1. You might be experiencing the waste of time and energy it took for you to read this devotional with all of its grammatical mistakes….
or …
2. You might be feeling the sense of urgency of Revival that our Nation and our communities so desperately needs. You might have even been touched by the Holy Spirit on the “thing” that you can do.

If you have been touched by God’s Spirit on doing that “something”, then why not start now. Start it now and don’t worry if it catches on with others. Sparks don’t worry on starting a flame, they just ignite the things that are “combustible” around it. If you don’t have anything around you that is “spiritually combustible”, then maybe you should take your spark to the things that will react to it. So….

Would You do it? What if it were up to you?

-Pastor Kennedy

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  1. Outstanding

    Comment by Dr. John Nordman | July 8, 2013 | Reply

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