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One Giant Leap for CW

Psalms 119:162
I rejoice at thy word, as one that findeth great spoil.

Those who know me, know that I am very much for reading the Bible through cover to cover in one year.  I will not be dogmatic on this devotion in regards to this, but let me say this.  My Christianity took a tremendous leap forward, not only as a Christian, but also as a Pastor.  Looking back on my life, I am regretful that I waited so long to do it, but I greatly benefit now that I am in the pattern of doing this yearly.

With all of this extra time that we have, let me suggest that we take more of the Word of God in our lives.  He will help us get through any and all difficulties and hard times.  Below is a poem.  It is rather lengthy, so I will just give you the first and last paragraphs.  I will also include a link to the entire poem.  I encourage you to follow the link and take 2 extra minutes to read it.


When I Read the Bible Through

I supposed I knew my Bible
Reading piecemeal, hit and miss,
Now a bit of John or Matthew,
Now a snatch of Genesis,
Certain chapters of Isaiah
Certain Psalms (the twenty-third!);
Twelfth of Romans, First of Proverbs—
Yes, I thought I knew the Word!
But I found that thorough reading
Was a different thing to do,
And the way was unfamiliar
When I read the Bible through.

You who like to play at Bible,
Dip and dabble, here and there,
Just before you kneel, aweary,
And yawn thro’ a hurried prayer;
You who treat the Crown of Writings
As you treat no other book—
Just a paragraph disjointed,
Just a crude, impatient look—
Try a worthier procedure,
Try a broad and steady view;
You will kneel in very rapture
When you read the Bible through!

—by Amos R. Wells

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