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What Do I Do When Normal is Not Normal?

Fear, Panic, Excitement, Change, Drama, Glee, Hatred, Doom, Gloom…I just summed up the news for you today; so you do not have to spend countless hours filling your mind with the above qualities…Ha Ha Ha. Although it might be helpful emotionally to turn that off for a while and focus on the great opportunities that we have during this time of hardship, difficulty, and change. I fight to keep a positive perspective during difficult times. Even though it is not easy, it is very helpful to stay positive. I will endevour to give you some ideas to help you keep your sanity, be productive, keep your faith in the Almighty God, and have a positive outlook during it all.

I will start the list out by saying the following:

This does not dismiss…
1) The reality of the situation
There’s no question that devastating things are happening in our world, and COVID-19 is at the top of the list right now. My ideas do not pretend to make big problems magically disappear, but they do help us keep leading with a positive spirit.

2) The need to be vigilant
The vast majority of our time and attention is needed to handle what is not normal in our midst.
However, we must remain strong, kind, connected, and reminded of the little things, the important things that make solving the big problems worthwhile.

3) The need for our focus to be on the hope of Christ.
Jesus is and has always been the one who promises to help us with what we cannot solve. He gives wisdom to solve problems, strength to endure challenges, and hope in our ultimate destiny. I’m offering some practical, everyday things that really do help. The calmer, more poised, and at peace, you are personally, the better you can lead the people God has given you responsibility for.

So here is the first one:

1) Establish a new routine.

We are creatures of habit, and routine is important.

A routine is different than a rut. A routine brings stability so we can remain healthy and more productive. A rut is when you are stuck, not growing, and not experiencing spiritual health.

Most of us have recently had our routines blown up. Some of you have kids at home, that will do it. You love your kids, but that’s a big routine breaker.

Then add the fact that perhaps all of you are home – all the time. Nothing further needs to be said.

  • Modify your family systems.
  • Make new plans.
  • Set new routines.

I highly encourage you to organize and simplify.  I have learned in my life that in difficulties and trials, simplicity helps us keep our sanity a little bit longer. I have to remind myself regularly…Keep It Simple S….. (KISS) Ha Ha. I do talk to myself that way…maybe you do too.

That won’t solve all your problems, but it helps you lift your spirits. Starting a new routine also keeps things from going stagnant in your life. When was the last time that you had the opportunity to do_________________?

I do realize that some are still working right now and will not have the time or the will power to do this, but for those of you who do, let me encourage you start a new routine.

And candidly, it will give you something where you can see immediate and tangible results. In a time when it feels like nothing is in your control, it will help your mental health and overall disposition.


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  1. spot on my friend

    Comment by Edwin Ray Newmans | April 1, 2020 | Reply

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