Weekday devotionals for Christians

Take a Needed Break

Part 6 of What to do When Your Normal is Not Normal

6) Take a break from social media. 

Used wisely, social media is a useful tool that enhances ministry in significant ways. This might even sound a little hypocritical seeing that I am writing a devotional on a blog that could be considered part of the social media world, but my intentions with this is to shut down the social aspect that builds a desire in us to want to be liked by many people online. This is coming from a person that likes people and generally and genuinely wants to please people.

Personally, however, we can use a break from social media, even if just for a few hours is healthy.  One of the benefits of taking a break is that we should reconnect with people in person. Instead of social media, try going next door to your neighbors, or catch them outside, or take time to have personal, face to face interactions. We are a people that are becoming more and more too busy for human interaction and that is not good. We should do our best to resist the urge for instant gratification that social media brings and go back to investing time with human beings face to face. We are losing (as a society) very quickly our people skills that are needed in day to day living and in the work place.

Another idea to do while taking a break from social media is to use that time to read a good book, one not connected to your work. Reading…with our eyes, and not our ears…from a book that was made out of paper…that does not have many, if any, pictures. Reading in silence is something that is being lost today in society. We are used to busyness and the sounds that come from the busyness that it might scare some people to be still, silent, and even ponder on what is going on around us today. Silent time away from the digital world is becoming more of a need for us now more than ever.

The length of your break is obviously up to you. Some leaders go on a social media fast for weeks; others just shut down for a half-day on occasion.

The important thing is that you can, and do, take periodic breaks regardless of how long.

If you can’t lay your phone down for a few hours, “normal” may be difficult for you to find and experience, but it is something that can and should be achieved. Remember, it can wait. If it is social media, it can always wait. WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH YOUR TIME AWAY ?

WILL YOU SPEND TIME AWAY ? The choice is yours and the benefits can be yours as well if you do it.

April 14, 2020 - Posted by | Coronovirus, Covid-19, Devotional, Madison Street Baptist Church

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