Weekday devotionals for Christians

A Roofer’s Vision

Proverbs 29:18
Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.

Proverbs 27:17
Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.

September of 2011 is when I finally gave in. I quit giving the excuses of why I can’t or shouldn’t do a devotional blog. I was being pushed, prodded, and reasoned with from a friend to start a blog. I felt inadequate. I felt that it would be presumptuous on my part. I thought if I would stay humble, then I should not think highly of my own opinions or view points…and while I still feel and believe those same things; a ROOFER NAMED RAYMOND helped me to get past those excuses and just start doing it.

If I were to be transparent about it, I would admit that he had the vision for this devotional blog and he just didn’t take no for an answer! “That’s just not good enough” were some words that he probably wanted to tell me, but he was kind and gracious enough to re-word those into something that was easier for me to swallow.

I met that crazy man during a crazy week in north east Georgia, in a small town called Winder. I was outside knocking doors with a few inches of snow on the ground. That week experienced one of those “once every 10-15 years” kind of winters. Snow dropped on the ground and remained frozen all week. That is no big deal for me, because I grew up in a snowy place, but for those who lived in Georgia, it was life altering. People stayed home, there was a run on bread, milk, and meat. People prepared for Armageddon….then there was crazy me….out “clomping around” in the snow, knocking on doors.

I was going through some discouragement at that point and just needed to be alone with God, while staying busy. I did not lead anyone to the Lord that day, but a few kind people felt sorry enough for me and invited me in their homes. I knocked on Ray’s door. I saw him peer out the side window next to the door and he probably was wondering what crazy man would be knocking on a strangers door in weather like this. I am just that kind of crazy man…LOL. He invited me into his home, we shared some verses with each other and God birthed a new friendship that would be a blessing to both of us.

I did not know it then, but God had our paths intersect for His purpose. Raymond and myself have maintained our friendship over that last decade. We both have had some highs and lows, and through it all, God has been so faithful and good to both of us.

I want to thank God for allowing me to cross the path of a Roofer named Raymond. Raymond has been used by God to sharpen me and help me grow as a leader. His friendship has challenged me as we prayed, fasted, wept, and grew in the Lord together! I would not be doing this devotional blog without Ray. I never realized that this devotional blog, that was started back in September of 2011, would still be a source of encouragement to some of those people in the churches that I ministered in, in Georgia to Florida, and now to Alabama. I never knew how much I would actually enjoy doing this blog as I continue to try to juggle everything that God has put into my life.

I just want to say a few thank you’s in closing:

  • Thank you to all of you who still care what the Lord lays on my heart by reading the devotionals.
  • Thank you to all of you who have subscribed to this blog. There are people in multiple states from multiple ministries that haven’t grown tired of me yet…
  • Thank you to my family who encourages me to continue doing this.
  • Thank you to those who like and leave comments on the devotionals on occasion.
  • Thank you to Raymond, God has used you to make my life better!
  • And last and most importantly, Thank you to Jehovah God! If it were not for Jesus, I would be totally worthless. Every good thing in my life is a result of God’s grace and His goodness to me!

Can God use you to sharpen someone? Can you, will you be a Raymond to someone? Can you encourage someone today? You just might be surprised what God can do with your influence on someone’s life.

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