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Good and True Doctrine

John Witherspoon was the only pastor among the fifty-six men who signed the Declaration of Independence. After pastoring for a number of years in Scotland, he came to America to become president of the College of New Jersey (now Princeton University). In addition to pushing for independence from England and signing the Declaration of Independence, Witherspoon would go on to serve as a member of Congress for a number of years.

But his most lasting contribution to our nation may well have been the impact he had on the lives of his students. Witherspoon was not just an administrator; he proved to be one of the school’s most popular teachers. His class, Moral Philosophy, emphasized the Christian foundation of all truth in every sphere of life. Among Witherspoon’s pupil were three Supreme Court Justices, more than seventy-five senators and congressman, ten cabinet officials, one vice president, and one president. As an educator, his focus on the foundational role of scriptural truth profoundly impacted his students who would influence the nation.

In our day it is common to find people downplaying the importance of good doctrine, both in the church and in society. Doctrine is simply teaching, and all sound teaching has its foundation in God’s truth. There is no substitute for the truth if we want to have a positive impact on classrooms and formal settings. Each of us has an influence on others, often far beyond what we realize. We must make sure that we are giving other good and true doctrine.

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