Weekday devotionals for Christians

I Believe God!

Revelation 1:8

I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.

Malachi 3:6a

For I am the LORD, I change not…

What Do You Believe…or I should ask, “Who do you Believe”?  The god of this world seeks to destroy, obliterate, demolish, undermine, and hollow-out your faith in the Almighty.  When he tries to do that in your life, stand up and boldly say, “I believe God”!  Now I am not talking about Buddha, Mohammed, Hare Krishna , or any other false god, I am talking about God the Father, God the Son (Jesus), and God the Holy Spirit (Holy Ghost)!  I am talking about the One true, Living God!  I am also talking about His Wonderful, Everlasting, Preserved, Love Note that He wrote to you and me…The Holy Bible, the King James Bible!  Do you feel the tug of doubt that comes from the world?  When you do, boldly proclaim this one thing,   I BELIEVE GOD!!!

If you don’t know who I am talking about, then click on the link and read for yourself what the Bible says about knowing Jesus!  You will not regret that you did!

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