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King David’s Mistake

Psa 73:15 If I say, I will speak thus; behold, I should offend against the generation of thy children.
Psa 73:16 When I thought to know this, it was too painful for me;
Psa 73:17 Until I went into the sanctuary of God; then understood I their end.

King David is one of my favorite characters in the Bible.  I like to read about him and learn what has happened in his life, and what he did to get the label of  “A man after God’s own heart.”  Sadly though, he made some mistakes and I want to learn from them.  One of those mistakes that he made is what I will be addressing today in these devotionals:  He did not live for the next generation.  Now I know this is a very tough accusation, but I believe it is a true statement.

King David lived for and served his own generation very well.  In fact, he won the hearts of the people away from the king when he was only a lad.  In fact, David was only trying to do right and was very loyal to the king and only wanted what was best for the king when he won the hearts of the people.  I will not tell you in this devotional why I believe that he lived only for his generation,  because it would take too long.  For the sake of time and length, let’s just go with the thought of living for the next generation.

Our national debt is 15.251 trillion dollars, as of yesterday at 2:58 pm (it grows by the minute).  That is a lot of money.  Our politicians do not want to do the right thing by our nation, so therefor they continue to add to and multiply our national debt.  Our children’s future is at stake here and we are squandering their future away by spending money today.  To put things in perspective, using the figure above, I will break down how bad our national debt is:

1. Each citizen’s share of the debt (including babies) is $48, 868.

2. The national debt starting on September 28, 2007, increases each day by 3.96 billion dollars…that is billion with a “b”

3. If 20 people at 10 years old will take the next 70 years and doing nothing but shop and spend money (that means no eating, sleeping, or taking breaks) for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

A. They will have to spend $29,846, 879 a day.

B. That is $497,447 an hour.

C. That is $8,290 a minute.

D. That is $138 a second.

to equal what the national debt is now!  That is NON-Stop shopping—24/7!

-Let’s just say that you need to rest and eat and sleep.  I will give 8 hours a day for this.  Let’s just say that you are feeling brave and you take this task on your own, and go strong for 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 70 years non-stop, you would have to spend:

A. $596,937,575 a day…yes that is almost 600 million dollars a day!

B. $37,308,599 an hour for 16 hours.

C. $621,809 a minute

D. $10,363 a second

Are you up for a challenge?

Here is one more:

If you stop the national debt where it is and don’t create one more dollar of debt, and spend 10 million dollars a day… using the same 16 hours a day(that is 625,000 an hour), 7 days a week (no days off), it would take you…drum roll please:




4, 178.56 years to spend what the national debt is now.  Do you have that many years?

to be continued tomorrow




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